Ambulance 91 is a 2001 Ford 350 built by Leader Ambulance. A-91 is equipped with an Automatic External Defibulator and Basic Life Support capabilities

E880 is a 2007 Type I engine built by Ferrara Fire Apparatus with a Spartan cab. This engine has a 1250 gpm single stage Hale pump, 500 gallon tank, with class A foam, and seating for 6 firefighters. E880 carries basic medical supplies, an AED, full complement of auto extrication equipment, rescure 42's, full set of high pressure air bags, basic complement of rope rescure equipment, and carries wildland equipment in the summer.

E881 is a 1995 High-tech built on a Ford commercial chaise with a 1250-gpm two stage Hale pump and a 500-gallon poly tank. It has Class A foam capabilities and seats three people.Type I engine built by Hi-Tech Fire Apparatus. Two stage Hale 1250 gpm pump, 500 gallon tank, with a top mount panel. This engine has basic medical supplies, class A foam capabilities, and carries wild land equipment in the summer.

Water Tender 890 is a 2005 International 7800 with a High-tech buildup with a 410-horse power Cummins engine. This ten-wheel water tender has a 2500-gallon stainless steel tank with a single stage Hale pump. Equipped with a 2000-gallon fold-a- tank on a powered lowering rack

Stinson Beach Volunteer Firefighters Association

E861 is a 2004International 4800 with a High-tech buildup with a 330-horse power engine. Engine 861 is a four-wheel drive Type three wildland engine with a 500 gpm two stage Waterous pump and a 500 gallon poly tank. This engine is equipped with foam capabilities and carries rope rescue equipment including a stokes wheel-litter. This engine seats five.

SQ831 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4X4 with utility body. This truck is a command/support vehicle with basic medical supplies, an AED, stokes and wheel