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You can have fun and learn to be fire safe when you check out the links in this section. Let Smokey Bear, and Sparky the Fire Dog help you be safe at home and when you are out in the forest.

To get things started here are Smokey's 5 Rule of Fire Safety:
1. Smokey's friends don't play with matches or lighters.
2. If you find matches at home, give them to your parents.
3. If you find matches on the way to school, give them to your teacher.
4. If you see younger children playing with matches, tell an adult.
5. If you see a fire burning out of control, tell an adult.

Learn Not to Burn Program®
The Learn not to Burn Program takes into account what children need to know about fire and burn prevention and it teaches them in a positive, non-threatening way For more than 20 years, Learn Not to Burn® (LNTB) has been the theme and focus of NFPA's comprehensive public fire safety education initiatives. Based on NFPA's belief that fire safety information should be presented in a positive, non-threatening manner, LNTB teaches people of all ages how to make responsible choices regarding health and safety. Children in preschool through eighth grade learn 22 key fire safety behaviors. For more information on the Learn Not to Burn Program click here.

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